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Gardening Mama

The main menu of this game presents several options of choice, Lets Get Growing, which is an option that will enter to a game in this game. Then there are the options and decorate The Garden Fancy Make It, where the second option gamer mama can arrange with the various accessories available and managing the garden and the background on the game screen. Then there is the option Cute Treasure Chest, where gamers can give the item to a friend with the other network using WiFi.

When entering the game, gamers will be taken to the Map screen. Map is on the screen, there are several gardens to visit, such as garden Orcharcd Fruit, Veggie Garden, Flower garden, and so forth. Any gamer when entering the gardens, gamers can choose the garden - the garden is available for planting. Garden flowers such as roses, tulip flowers, and so forth. Map on the screen there is also a Harvest shed, which is a place where all the harvest. There, gamers can see all the harvest from a number of successful harvest of medals to be successful.

There are dozens of mini-games that adiktif who adapted well in accordance with the gardening theme. As seen from the first step and simple, where gamers have to open Staples and release the lock bags seedlings. Then enter the next step, gamers have to pour seeds into the hands. Beware! also note that a wind gust will blow seedlings that you have. Next gamer must sow the seed in accordance with the place provided. Be careful not to fall apart or will be angry from mama. And so forth. When a series of mini games have reached the stage finish time gamer votes righteous. Where the gamer will still get a score value ranging from 0 to 100 digits, and various medals.

After successfully planting something, we can leave the park and the park the other to plant again. Sometimes there will be the event notified by the characters in this game. As Mama tells no incident in the park Apel. Gamers can get to the park map and the apple. Events such as this can be a pest that attacks the plant. Gamers must pin-worm worm attached. No rain or storm, in which gamers must try to maintain the trees that did not fly because of storms. And many other exciting events and interesting.

There are various kinds of plants, flowers, and fruit planting will gamers together with mama, family, friends and others. from the sun flower, flower Tulip, Rose flower, apple fruit, fruit wine, and so forth. Along with running the game there will be many types of plants, flowers and fruit that will be opened by the gamer. A tense game, while gamers must race with time. And if gamers successfully complete the game with a perfect value. gamers will also get the bonus. Where there will be three boxes that are provided and the gamer must select Any. Bonus can be obtained for up mama accessories, managing the garden, or garden equipment.

In terms of visual on Gardening Mama does not mean that an increase compared with the previous game Cooking Mama. Meanwhile, in terms of sound, this game still presents a cheery melody games and occasionally we will hear on our mama.

Conclusion, Gardening Mama now presents more variations minigame that adiktif and fun to follow. For gamers who have never played Cooking Mama game, should not be missed Gardening Mama.

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Old story, New Touch

Elric kyoudai (brothers, Red) back again! Since 5 April 2009, brothers renkinjutsushi (alchemist, Red) that greet the fans through the channel TBS and MBS. This time, they be adventure stories under the title Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Brotherhood (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, FMA: B).

Not many things changed from the two brothers are. Ed's body still Chibi (Small, Red). Al Jiwa is still trapped in the harness since the effort jintai rensei (human transmutation, Red) is made with the older brother failed. They are still circling the country to find kenja no ishi (philosopher's stone).

If you expect a follow story Ed and Al at the end of episode 51 that 2 October 2004, ready-prepared for any disappointment. For FMA: B offers a new story. Those who are faithful to read manga and watch anime first season is certainly very familiar with the story.

Yes, FMA: B is to return to the starting point. Director Irie Yasuhiro escort fans to Ed and Al survive the trip back a second adolescence that responsibility. Of course, FMA: B will reap critics and fans blamed if not offer meaningful difference with preceding series. Therefore, Irie and his team do a different approach in writing the story Elric brothers. The result is not too bad. FMA: B gives new wind to the loyal fans who are appointed from the serial manga Hiromu Arakawa this paper.

FMA Series predecessor rich improvisation because when a new anime show manganya published as six volumes. Moreover, the personal request Arakawa Studio Bones, the production house to create a different ending to the manga version. Many of the essential was created to fill the gap that is still a mystery in the manga. Some of the original characters created specifically for the anime. For example, Dante, a former paramour Hohenheim, father of Ed and Al.

FMA: B move in the rail is relatively the same as the manga. Only, be the story through an episode that the characters display the original Isaac McDougal. The character itself is designed by Arakawa. With 22 volumes already published until 11 April 2009, the team of Studio Bones to create more freely. Bones team likely will bring her Father, "father" of the Homunculus, which do not appear in the preceding series.

FMA: B is more perfect if the seiyuu involved in the series of re-participate. Unfortunately, only a few that take the time to support the FMA: B. Most of the seiyuu prominent central seiyuu who replaced a less popular. Figure kharismatik Roy Mustang, for example. Ookawa replaced by Tohru Miki Shinichirou. Seiyuu Winry was transferred from Toyoguchi Megumi to Takamoto Megumi.


Edward Elric

Seiyuu: Romi Paku

Eldest of brothers Elric is a State Alchemist at the age 12 years. Right hand and left foot is automail. He lost two tools that movement because doing jintai rensei. Ed is very ill-natured, especially when body size offense. Pain unfortunately the younger brother to make a real military dog.

Alphonse Elric

Seiyuu: Kugimiya Rie

Brother Ed is a year younger age. Currently, ditampung life in harness. Its ability renkinjutsu (Alchemy, Red) are still under Ed. Compared to the older brother, Al kalem and more mature. Al faithful assisting Ed. Because of the fierce figures, Al often presumed that as the Fullmetal legendary.

Winry Rockbell

Seiyuu: Takamoto Megumi

Boyhood friends Elric brothers. Daughter pair is a doctor who lost her parents go to the battlefield. Now, Winry lives with the grandmother, Pinako. Both were zealous in the field of automail. Hands and feet is the result of the work of Ed Winry.

Roy Mustang

Seiyuu: Miki Shinichirou

Ambitious army officer from the military Amestris known as the Flame Alchemist this is encouraging Ed to become a State Alchemist. Roy find a position fuhrer. The quiet, this guy Flamboyan investigate military corruption.


Seiyuu: Miyake Kenta

Survivor Ishbal incident. Burned revenge, Scar killed a military officer involved in the ethnic slaughter them. Right hand is the property that the sister was killed. Although labeled antagonis, the evil Scar not visible.


Seiyuu: Takayama Minami

Homunculus that is capable of change to any suit. The war happened because Ishbal deeds. Envy save on the strength of feeling jealous man.


Seiyuu: Inoue Kikuko

Beautiful, but death. Lust nails that can be used to sweep away normal tear the enemy's body. Ouroboros tattoo on the left chest is a characteristic of Lust.


Seiyuu: Shiratori Tetsu

Little moronic, but tremendous strength. Gluttony is the consumer, but like most people. He created the Father seeks to create Portal of Truth.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Live: MBS, TBS, 5 April 2009

Number of episodes: 7 (ongoing)

Production: Studio Bones

Mangaka: Arakawa Hiromu

Director: Irie Yasuhiro

Scenario: Ohnogi Hiroshi, Michihiro Tsuchiya, suga Shoutarou

Character Design: Kanno Hiroaki

Music: Senju Akira

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Paradise Kiss Go Screen Width

Fox International House production planning adapt Paradise Kiss live action film into the big screen. Currently, the negotiation process with Ai Yazawa, Paradise Kiss mangaka ongoing.

Fox with Japan IMJ house production to produce films with a budget around USD 4 million is. Two studio that the company is planning to establish production relations committee that Japan will be the Paradise Kiss.

Paradise Kiss narrate the life of high school student called Yukari found by Paradise Kiss, a group fashion school students. The students turn it into Yukari model. Owing to it, so Yukari find and determine her interest in his career in the future. In addition, Yukari find someone to become a potential life partner soon.

Paradise Kiss Manga published in the magazine's fashion zipper between 1999 and 2003 and be split into five volumes tankoubon. According to the notes Shodensha, publisher of shade Yazawa, Paradise Kiss has sold more than 6 million copies. Until 2009, the series has been translated into ten languages. Tokyopop holds the license for the publication in North America.

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License Holder struggle, to fight Fansub

Tears to Tiara showing Along with Japan

Continue to be a breakthrough various actors for the anime industry repress invasion fansub. One way, to show the latest anime episode with Subtitle in English in nearly the same time with in Japan.

ANIMAX have to start April 2009. With ad commercial sensational with the tag line, "be part of history", the two series at the weekend fresh from showing the same in Japan. That is, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (FMA: B), and Tears to Tiara. FMA: B run every Friday evening or five days with intermit their home country. The Tears played simultaneously with the original days running, that is every Sunday at 01.35 Japanese time.

To coddle the audience, Animax show FMA: B and Tears in the original language without the serial-dubbing the withdrawal other. Animax include only the subtitel in English. Step is directly reap a variety of responses from the anime fans. Many who give a positive response, but also a few that convey criticism. They see the anime to the service through fansubber average about the quality of the translation can sometimes accurate.

Funimation is trying to follow the steps. Start upcoming May 30, licensed various popular anime episode that will show the latest One Piece, 403, via a streaming Serial narrate a pirate adventure geng straw that can be accessed one hour after hour running in Japan. The program is the result of cooperation Funimation, Toei Animation, the production house One Piece, Shueisha as licensed manga, and Fuji Television Network broadcast of the serial.

As a "warming", men-Funimation streaming first two episodes of One Piece ditranslate in English and proceed with a version of English subtitles. While the arc Sabaody Archipelago Saga (from episode 391, Red.) Showing only the subtitel every Thursday. Funimation has translate the serial was Oda's manga works Eiichirou it since 2007. Voters Monkey D. Luffy filled Coleen Clinkenbeard.

Unfortunately, these special services can be enjoyed all One Piece fans in various corners of the world. Only a few countries that enter the area within the scope of "powers" that allowed Funimation watch latest One Piece episode bersubtitel English. In the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Beyond that, the site appears on the screen only official apology as a video can be accessed because it is outside the range.

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