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Learn the meaning of friendship

At All Boys School Shidou Gakuin

DURING the five years declined, Gii, greeting familiar Giichi, can finally close to the person who stole his heart. He is Hayama Takumi, a former violinist who carry you a human acute Fobia. Not only classmates in the class 2-D high school elite special guy Shidou Gakuin, Gii even share a room with Takumi.

Meeting with the Gii slowly but surely change the Takumi's lives. Attention and kindness of Gii touched the hearts Takumi so he willingly opens themselves. Human fobia beings gradually lost. Its introvert nature also began missing.

Days Takumi , full of happiness. However, the happy start threatened, when Morita Tooru present in his life. Seeing the beautiful face and shy nature that make people curious, in a short time Tooru grab the attention of the senpai (senior), including Gii.

Gii attention labored against Tooru, splash in the emotional heart Takumi. Gii especially when the request to Takumi to invite the representative head of the class 1-D is, to come to a Halloween party attended only grade 2 students. When Takumi asks why Tooru invited, Gii replied with a relaxed, "Because he is the most beautiful student in class 1. The answer is, make him more annoyed. Albeit reluctant, Takumi still meet the demand Gii.

Takumi patience runs out when viewing proximity Gii and Tooru held during the festival. Peak, when Gii, urgent Takumi, to showcase skills in violin playing, in front of the Akaike Shouzo, Takeshi Suzuki, Izumi Takabayashi, and Tooru. The chapfallen, Takumi leave the party as such.

"The course, that you are bored with me!" Takumi screaming, to the Gii, the chase. Although Gii try clarify the issue, Takumi had already angry I want to listen.

Is this the end of the relationship Takumi and Gii? Why Gii, invite Tooru, to the Halloween party? Really Gii turned to Tooru? Will it still Shouzo? see two altercate friend ..!

Turn to the age-17, franchise Takumi-kun Series has not left the fans. As the appreciation of this loyalty to the Gotou Shinobu serial, Ace Deuce, Kadokawa Shouten, and Takumi-kun Series. Partners bring Takumi-kun Series: Niji Iro no Garasu Koi Suru Kikoshi (Takumi-kun Series: Rainbow colored Glass Beloved One). Second film Takumi-kun Series was played in Japanese theaters starting April 25.
For heating, DVD The Making of Takumi-kun Series Niji Iro no Garasu launched a week before Niji Iro running in cinemas. In the DVD, there are a variety of footage and interviews with the actors supporting Niji Iro.

Although the genre boys love, love is not the main portion Niji Iro. Director Yokoi Takeshi (Tonari no Kai, Drop) exploring the friendship that grows from the togetherness of the men's dormitory. Also, the problems that arise in the process.

Assisted by the Kanasugi Hiroko to translate the novel version in the film, Yokoi said concerning the development of character Takumi. The main figures of the drop was due to the family, the individuals who become more rigid. Antisocial nature of that due to the dim past slowly drop. (ran)

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Starting From Novel

Long story of Takumi-kun Series started on 23 April 1992. At that time, the first series, Takumi-kun Series: Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite, Kadokawa Ruby Bunko released in novel format. Up to now, novel Gotou Shinobu written and illustrated by Ooya Kazumi has reached volume 22. Newest series, Temptation, was launched on 1 December 2008.

Franchise Takumi-kun Series also appear in the form of manga. The first volume, entitled the same as the novel version, Kadokawa published on 28 August 1998. Gotou invites Takahashi Billy to do his artwork. Due to internal problems, Gotou shift responsibility to the Ooya illustration for the next volume, June Pride, which is marketed starting 30 January 2001. Manga version of Takumi-kun Series has published nine volumes and is still ongoing.

Popularity Takumi-kun Series is unforgettable, Kadokawa encouraged to release the serial fanbook aim of life in boarding school is a special guy. Fanbook first, Illustrations of Takumi-kun Series Festival, launched on 25 March 2003, followed by a second edition, three years later. To commemorate 15 years of progress Takumi-kun Series, on 29 November 2007 fanbook third, Takumi-kun Series 15th Premium album, released.

In addition to print format, Takumi-kun Series made drama CD version of 10 volumes. Version is supported on the kind of board seiyuu Inoue Kazuhiko Hoshi and Souichirou. (ran)

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GAME : League of Legend

League of Legends is created by game developer company located in Los Angelos, the Riot Games. This game can be said is the inspiration from the game Warcraft III DotA is famous. And that is Steve Feak Any team that makes DotA map, which is now the leader in creating the League of Legends game. View terms of gameplay from this game is similar to dota. Riot Games, but offers some other advantage that is not owned dota As customization features summon the monster. Come, we see further review this game.

Main ideas, this game is a battle of the Champion in this game. (if in DotA, called Heroes). Where players will control one of the Champion, and with other players try to defeat the opponent team. And over the game, the performance of Champions will continue to grow. Both in the level, attack strength, defense, and ability. In this game, Champion will have the status of the characters such in the game MMORPG. As the level, type of champion, the number of Health, the level of attacks, the number of spell, and so forth.

Riot Games themselves have also provided dozens of Champions that can be selected, which have the ability and characteristics of different .. Among them there are Champions Tryndamere, Soraka, Annie, and so forth. And over time, also, Riot Games Champions will continue to add new and unique. And the maximum amount for each team is 6. This means that in one folder only supports up to 12 players only, Like DotA, the main mission in this game is destroyed the opponent team headquarters, before the opposite team who destroyed our headquarters.

Of course, coordination and cooperation of both teams and in implementing the right tactics and strategy can win the game. Then both sides of the team will also be supported by the summon monster controlled by AI Computers, will help the Champion, when the attack and defend headquarters. Which is the unique, here players can customize the summon monster, it looks good to the ability to be used in combat. They also have the settings to appear on the map. Map included in this game called Summoners Rift.

Gold is important in this game, with the defeat the enemy, then will get some Gold which later can be used to purchase items that are useful for improving the performance of your Champion. There will be hundreds of items have been prepared by the developer of this game, which is classified into 3 levels of quality items, namely Consumable items, basic items, and legendary items.

For now this is indeed not a lot of detailed information, which we successfully get. But overall, this game is the gameplay from the gameplay adaptation Warcraft III DotA, and of course on the increase and some other benefits. So ... we wait.

League of Legends
Publisher : Riot Games
Developer : Riot Games
Genre : MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
Release date : TBA 2009
Site :
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