Friday, July 3, 2009

News, Alpha Protocol initiated for October 6

Sega and Obsidian Entertainment's wetwork-heavy stealth RPG dated for this fall on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Sega officially listed Obsidian Entertainment's Aliens-inspired role-playing game as KIA last week, but a similar fate isn't in store for the duo's other project, Alpha Protocol. Today, Sega announced that Alpha Protocol will be available in North America for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 6.

The virus button has many unique and exciting uses.

Alpha Protocol weaves a story not unlike Robert Ludlum's popular Jason Bourne novels. The RPG's plot follows Michael Thorton, a secret agent who has turned rogue after being disavowed by his government. However, given that the game accommodates a branching storyline a la BioWare's sci-fi RPG Mass Effect, players can assume a variety of undercover personas, ranging from a suave James Bond-style spy to one like the maniacal Jack Bauer of 24 fame.

Obsidian is also at work on Fallout: New Vegas for Fallout 3 creator Bethesda Softworks. While not a direct sequel to Bethesda's well-received Fallout 3, New Vegas will stick to that game's RPG format.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

News : Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

HELLO... Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii is as close as you can get to a golf course without paying green fees

Thanks to Wii MotionPlus and Precision Putting, greens are no longer a source of unnecessary frustration.

Last year, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play for the Nintendo Wii just missed the green. Despite its mostly stellar re-creation of a real golf swing with the Wii Remote, annoying issues with putting sensitivity cost it a couple of strokes. That isn't a problem anymore. The 2010 edition of Tiger is as close to perfect as any golf game ever made, with dead-on swing mechanics thanks to fine-tuned controls and the use of the new Wii MotionPlus add-on. This is a brilliant re-creation of real golf, loaded with little touches and tweaks that make it an addictive pastime whether you're a low handicapper, a weekend hacker, or a first-timer who doesn't know one end of a putter from the other. In short, videogame golf doesn't get any better than this.

With that said, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is more of an intensive refinement of last year's game than an overhaul. You can't slam the game for suffering from sequelitis, though, because the many changes improve the quality of play across the board. The most noteworthy upgrade is of course the controls. As in the 09 game, gripping and ripping are still handled with the Wii Remote, although you can attach a nunchuk and swing in a more traditional videogame fashion if you prefer. To take a shot, you simply stand up, take the remote in both hands like a real golf club, and then go through a lifelike swing motion to blast little dimpled balls into the great blue yonder. It's all very realistic and addictive, and the challenge is almost on a par with real golf. The lack of a ball on your floor is the only thing spoiling the illusion, because in real golf you need to keep your head down when swinging, while here you find yourself torn between keeping your head tucked away properly and watching the screen to see if your movements are being accurately tracked by your avatar.

And they almost always are. The addition of Wii MotionPlus support has made swing sensitivity more authentic than it was last year. Simply plug the MotionPlus hardware (available both separately and in a special cut-price combo pack with Tiger 10) into the base of the remote, and every little wiggle and waggle of the controller is perfectly mimicked onscreen. This is particularly vital when it comes to approach shots and putting. Last year, Tiger 09 came up a little short in these areas. Lack of remote sensitivity occasionally made playing around holes an exercise in frustration. Approach shots from under 100 yards were tough to finesse, and putting required an absurd amount of effort to get even routine flat-lie 15-footers to the cup. At times, it didn't seem possible to even hit the ball hard enough to get it to the hole. This put you in bizarre situations where you had to swing the remote like you were wielding a driver, and it required adopting a lag-putting philosophy from distances as close in as 30 feet.

Neither are problems anymore. Greater control sensitivity allows you to put a more accurate touch on the ball on approach shots, letting you better handle in-close situations where you need to take a little off your swing to get close to the pin. Turning the remote even slightly is now all that you need to do to perform a fade or draw shot, which is often necessary when you're shooting for the green. Putting is completely different this year. The new Precision Putting mechanic causes the onscreen putter to move with every little twitch of the remote, allowing you to apply the same amount of oomph here that you would use on a real golf course. If you have any experience with putting in the real world, you don't even need to look up at the screen to putt; just check the distance and lie, and then lock your head to the ground just like you would on a real green and shoot. Tap-ins are tap-ins. Ten-footers are ten-footers. Sixty-footers are sixty-footers. These improvements are even noticeable without the MotionPlus gadget installed, although club responsiveness is noticeably better with it in place. The bottom line is that you no longer need to worry about clunky controls, just the greens. They are a real handful, too, with a lot of sculpted features and the kind of incredible speed that gives nightmares to even the finest PGA Tour pros.

Multiplayer tournaments give Tiger 10 a much beefier online presence than it had last year.

Tiburon also took care of some feature oversights and made Tiger 10 a more comprehensive package. Basic golf-game accoutrements have been rounded out. There are three difficulty settings, which run from kid-friendly to a grueling advanced level that's nitpicky about swing movements and removes such crutches as the putting meter (which, oddly enough, doesn't make much of a difference to gameplay due to the outstanding controller sensitivity when putting). The game now includes 27 courses, among them seven newcomers, including Bethpage Black and Banff Springs. Career mode has been beefed up with a more comprehensive player creator and the ability to play in the previously absent US Open.

Online support has been greatly enhanced. You can take on fellow golfers over the Net in solo matches, as you could last year, as well as take part in daily and weekly tournaments in which your rounds are recorded and then posted to a leaderboard. You even get a chance to rehit rounds from the first tee if you get to the end of the back nine and aren't happy with your score. Tournies are categorized for rookie and advanced players, which does a good job of keeping the scrubs apart from the sharps. Don't go anywhere near the advanced tournaments if you lack the chops to shoot rounds in the 60s and 70s. Either way, you need to put in a lot of time building up a character's skills before you can really be competitive online, or even offline against a more experienced buddy.

Another nifty online treat is real-time course weather courtesy of The Weather Channel. If you turn this option on, you play with the actual weather conditions noted at the time of your round. So if it's overcast and blustery at Torrey Pines in the real world, it's overcast and blustery at Torrey Pines in your living room. You can also play along with PGA tournaments as they take place in the real world, comparing scores with the likes of Tiger himself. Golf Party minigames are back again this year, along with the Wii-exclusive Disc Golf. The latter game is goofy and addictive, although perhaps a bit out of place. It's hard to imagine casual gamers buying Tiger 10 just for this novelty, but it adds to the package and is at least a good game for the family. The motion controls are also so accurate that you might as well be throwing a real Frisbee in the park.

Some courses are beautiful to behold in spots, although there are enough jaggies that you might not want to look too close.

This is one of the better-looking Wii sports games out there, with some holes that look pretty when viewed from the right angles. But there are loads of visual jaggies on golfer models and trees, and spectators look like performance-art pyramidal sculptures. The sound quality is much better, at least. There is a ton of commentary here and a tremendous number of atmospheric effects. The lack of Dolby Digital 5.1 support is barely noticeable during tournaments, because the crowd noise swells up all around you in the aftermath of a great shot. About the only quibble would be with the unnecessarily punitive commentary. A double bogey is punishment enough without the incessant wisecracks.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 has turned last year's great near-miss into an all-time classic. Improved motion-control support, more game features, and expanded online modes make it incredibly immersive and authentic. Golf games just don't get any better than this.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wii “Last-gen” for Port Game XBox 360

From San Francisco (CA) that made the director of the Creative Studio Triumph Wii has stated that "last-gen" can be used directly using the game port of the Xbox 360.

In response to these statements, as sas Lennart delivered to OXM UK, basically the key selling point is the Wii Wii controls itself. Indeed throughout the game made it. However, Wii is for the weak graphics and processing technology on the "last-gen". Thus, adjustments must be made to the game the best on the strength of the Wii is wii-mote. Therefore, he may not think that can be connected directly to the port. In addition, the limitations on graphics and processing technology is desired.

Should be noted is that a number of Xbox 360 games including the Godfather, Guitar Hero, and Harry Potter, has been experiencing adjustment or even a contraction in the Wii's limitations that exist. However, will soon present other major titles such as Grinder, Conduit and Gladiator AD that may help convince the veteran gamers who have the Wii is able to become more than just a game console that only family-oriented. Indeed, during this game console has been often criticized on the lack of extensive selection FPS, adventure and action game that is.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Game : Ninja Blade


This game relate to the city of Tokyo in the modern century, where the parasites mysterious outbreak spread and infect the population in the city. Organism infected by a mysterious parasite will change them into mutant. And a group of ninja assigned by the government to overcome the virus. Players will control a Ninja named Ken Ogawa. This game offers a total of 9 missions with multiple difficulty levels to choose from. Indeed, the game in this game is quite short.

There are 2 types of attacks in this game, that is, light attack and strong attack. Players simply by pressing the button many times and combining with other key issue for the moment the sword of death on the enemies, as in the game Devil May Cry and Ninja gaiden. Ken Ogawa and can also repel the attack of the opponent, ran fast, ran on the wall, to have Ninja Vision ability to see the enemy hiding objects or objects that have hidden items. Ninja Vision at work, time will run with the slower, and players can use that can easily avoid enemy attacks.

Ken Ogawa weapons with some of the sword, among OniSlayer Blade, Sword Stonerender, and Falcon Twin Blades. Sword has distinctive advantages and disadvantages, such as swords Falcon Twin Blades have high speed so that it is suitable to cut the number of enemies in this sword and many can restore long-distance attack enemies. But the sword is not strong to cut the enemy using the shield. While the sword Stonerender Sword has a slow speed but very powerful. Able to cleave this swords and shield wall. So his level game, players will busy with mengonta only change the type of sword by pressing the button direction only.

In addition, Ken Ogawa also use a Ninjutsu weapons, shuriken that has similar elements of electricity, fire, and air. Function on the elements of Ninjutsu has an important role in the proceeding to the next level. Where, players must complete a simple puzzle, such as using the fire element Ninjutsu to blow tentakel a road block, using the elements of shuriken fire air to blow away the blocked road, etc..

Sword and ninjutsu, Ken Ogawa property can also be upgraded by collecting Blood Crystals along the game. When the inventory menu, players can upgrade the sword, ninjutsu, and use the adrenalin boost to improve the speed and the item First Aid Spray to restore the entire health meter on Ken Ogawa. In addition, players can also be cut or drum kit is available at the level throughout the game. Collecting point for health. When health meter starts low, players will see the game screen becomes blurred and the speed of moving into Ken Ogawa feels slow.

Faced the enemy in this game vary with different levels of difficulty, ranging from the usual mutant, and mutant with a shield, the mutant that has the speed to move in there that can fly. Moreover, each level in this game, players will meet with the Boss Battle of the giant and varied. To beat Boss Battle will have a distinctive way and gradually.

Such as time, against Boss Battle, which is called Carrion Claw. Players have to attack his leg scara constantly until the skin broke out so that the hard meat visible. Then the attack continue to drop out of his leg and causing the fall Carrion Claw touch the ground. Then on the Hajar hold his head up to the health meter runs out. And then immediately ran to the head Carrion Claw Segitiga and press the button to do the finishing move in normal or sinematik action is also called Quick Time Event. Where the player must press a few buttons - the button the screen that appears. As the game God of War. Assessment of where any given accuracy in pressing the button, start the value of Miss, Good, Great, Perfect, and Excellent. If this fails, this game always provides the Retry option, so that players can repeat it again.
Sometimes on some level, players will be tested in zero conversance enemy, Where Ken Ogawa akan using machine guns owned Helikopter, and car combat. Then the view third person game that will change to display the back of Ken Ogawa. I like the game Resident Evil 4 and 5. In addition to the gameplay is quite interesting, this game also includes a feature that is not less interesting, namely customization. Where players can change costumes ninja suit and the color you want.

In terms of graphics, characters Ken Ogawa and level the game is quite detailed. However, on some level is also found several objects and background scenes that are less detailed, such as the scene-rise buildings that are still vague and rough. And to move from fashion to sinematik action gameplay with smooth running. And some special effects such as blur effects are also packed into this game. For the aspect of voice, sound and fit real time switch sword and collide explosion, and so forth. So also the voice Ken Ogawa and evil in this game is cool sounds.

Overall, this game series Devil May Cry and the Gods of War definitely interested in this game. Because the concept that does not differ much from the second game. Ninja Blade is packed with really good start from the opening game in the film as the box office up to the adventure of the action along the level and the Boss Battle adiktif become more point on this game. Unfortunately, the game is quite short, so better to rent or borrow from a friend.

Ninja Blade
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: From Software
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
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New RPG producers, in the Wii

Wii machine is known for two things, namely the unique control system and quality audiovisualnya that if less than the engine Playstation3 and Xbox 360. Perhaps this is because, most producers of conventional RPG engines rarely for Wii.

But the situation also means the opportunity for second-tier producers. RPG released for the Wii machine can be very profitable because the number of the owner is quite a machine, while the RPG competition from producers on the board has not been too strict. Products that can be indifferent behavior, let alone good.

This is what we realize by Marvelous Entertainment. During this time, their products are middle-class be calculated, such as serial Rune Factory and Valhalla Knights. When they wanted "increased class", does not have a more suitable terrain Wii instead. And now they invite independent developers to potential beginners. Thus, was born Arc Rise Fantasia.

The game doing by developer Image Epoch. They were first known through two series of strategy RPG Luminous Arc, and then followed by World of Destruction (United States: Sand of Destruction), and finally 7th Dragon. The short list, but simply show their ability. After four games to attend the Nintendo DS portable machine, and Arc Rise Fantasia is a debut their first home in the engine-system.

Arc Rise Fantasia itself appear as a traditional RPG. Basically the concept is similar to what is known by fans of the genre that for tens of years. Start the adventure in the epic fantasy world, the characters with impressive background of each, to battle with the system turn decorated with visual effects. And, it all comes from the music composition by Yasunori Mitsuda on the legendary game Chrono Trigger and Xenogears.

Acts of game settings in the country which Meridian had problems from the dragon. Even if there is a dragon can be killed, dead sow poison that will damage the environment. Therefore, the kingdom of nervous when hearing a group of dragon are moving toward the capital of Diamant.

Thus, the elite troops are commanded to hold up the dragon is. In the army, there is a famous army L'Arc Bright Lagoon and Prince Alfons Zena Meridia. In the middle of the mission, they attacked the vehicle. Bright are superior in the fight against a dragon, when, another dragon drop his. Bright is separate from the army and be saved by Ryfia, a mysterious girl with a magic power.

The story flows with the next story is not too foreign for the RPG fans, but it's interesting to follow. For those who never played Luminous Arc, Image Epoch provide additional entertainment such as the presence of three familiar characters from the series, the Lucia, Vanessa, and Saki.

System action is not in the game to be difficult. Every action involving the three characters take turns moving protagonis. Occasionally will also appear that the four characters is driven by AI (artificial intelligence). These three characters share a single action bar so that the same player set free distribution. Later players can also release the moment the formidable combination.

One thing that is unique is the presence of stones that is beaten in battle, which functions to change the condition of arena combat. Players need to learn how to make these stones.

Arc Rise Fantasia

Genre: RPG

Engine: Wii

Production: Marvelous Entertainment

Released: 4 June 2009
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