Friday, June 12, 2009

Kingdom Hearts

Can be spelled out, Kingdom Hearts is a game series that have the potential for the largest since before released. How not? This series combines popular icons with Disney-style graphics and a game system a la Square Enix. The fans from both the world have reason to be enthusiastic.

The first series of Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation2) appear to unite the world with Disney's legendary RPG series Final Fantasy. Then, Kingdom Hearts II (PlayStation2) shows the development of a dark story and enthralling. And among them is a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Game Boy Advance) bridge the story of a game system with a more simple but adiktif.

This has not been long, Square Enix released game Kingdom Hearts: 358 / 2 Days for the Nintendo DS portable machine. This is the next breakthrough, which is feasible because the two enjoyed it. First, this is the Kingdom Hearts series debut in the most popular game engine at this time. And second, the players invited to follow the story from the point of view was that the antagonism.

The fans of this series know Organization XIII. They are a group that is located on the side of the characters played in the Kingdom Hearts II and Chain of Memories. Dozens of young people dressed in black and black with weapons is a unique Nobody who does not have the heart.

In earlier stories, the characters Sora protagonis do things that bring the version of Nobody himself, called Roxas. Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII Roxas find, and recruit members as third remorse. Then walk stories 358 / 2 Days this, along with Sora sleep, to recover memory.

Roxas is not alone adventure. He was accompanied by Axel, mentor in the Organization XIII. Then attend mysterious girl named Xion, who is a member of the four teens. They glance similar to Kairi, Sora friend. But, he has uncanny similarities with Sora and Roxas, that is a weapon keyblade.

Initially, the Roxas with two colleagues the task of fighting Xemnas for the heartless creature in Disney world. But over time, Roxas started doubting organization, and began to know the identity of Xion himself. A more complex conflict is not avoided, including against Riku, Sora another friend.

Square Enix Studio main game is the independent developer with a hand, Inc., who previously collaborated with them in the game Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon no Fushigina and Chocobo Dungeon: Toki Wasure no Meikyuu. The audio-visual, the result satisfactory. (ray)

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
Genre: Action RPG
Machine: Nintendo DS
Production: Square Enix
Release: 30 Mei 2009
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GAME : Final Fantasy XIII

Basic story of Final Fantasy XIII relate to the thirteen centuries ago, in the FF XIII world, where fantasy and the era of technology has been there, and in the world consists of two different places, namely Cocoan and Pulse. Cocoan is home to the human race through the air. And this place was created by a crystal that superkuat, which is used Fal'Cie (which is not a race of human races). However, over time, rotate, people began to fear for the safety of their world under threat, which is inhabited by the giant monster, insects, mutan, etc.. The place is called Pulse

Symptoms of fear, this man began to appear, when some people start contracting the virus believed to come from the Pulse. But the group Holy Government of Cocoon have quarantine people are contagious. View of the worries and concerns of the Cocoan, Fal'Cie send a woman who is a former soldier trained, called the Lightning to perform the task to investigate this incident.

And the Lightning is a major figure in this sekuel. From the physical even though he looks like a sweet woman, but he has enough ability to fight the powerful. With a sword unique weapons that can be changed into a form of gun death.

Sekuel gameplay in Final fantasy XIII is almost similar to sekuel Final Fantasy and other RPG game titles that are still in the production of roof Square Soft. In the Dungeon, when characters meet with the enemy, the enemy in the head icon will appear. If the two sides close together then the battle was started. Players can also attack the enemy at their puerile, approaching from the rear direction. Conditions make this defense (defense) a weak enemy. Moving from screen to screen exploration combat designed with quick with a clever camera angle. And the fight ended, then Is race will present the results and the ranking by the number of stars, ranging from one to five.

System to fight Final Fantasy XIII is still using system contention RPG classic line that presents the action that is different for each - each character, such as attack, defend, use item, use magic, science, and so forth. In addition, the system ATB (Active Time Battle) will also be found in this sekuel. Overall, the game system can be said is almost similar to sekuel Final Fantasy VIII and the title game Chrono Cross. sekuel game is also enhanced to run with the smooth and fast, so that players feel are watching animation.

Besides the main quest and the quest secondary, which enjoy a distinctive sekuel in every Final Fantasy game is to explore every corner of the map to find the Dungeon or chest treasure trove that may contain the type of items that even very rare quality. Yah if players are lucky. However, in this sekuel, chest treasure trove spherical iron.

Leaders - leaders behind the making of Final Fantasy XIII games are still with the same leaders who make a game of Final Fantasy, as Tetsuya Nomura, Nobuo Uematsu, and so forth. Actual game Final Fantasy XIII only released for the Playstation3 only. However, the news appeared brisk, which will also release for the Xbox360 machines also. So ... we wait in 2010.

source : beritateknologi
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Monday, June 8, 2009

GAME : Battlefield Bad Company 2

Success with the first Battlefield Bad Company, EA and dice again to continue the Second sekuel more promising features of the effect increasing with the damage (destruction) and the additional new game mode for online multiplayer up to an additional type of a new combat vehicle.

For Single Player mode on the Bad Company 2, the back, a role Preston, Any U.S. soldiers involved in conflict. While in the multiplayer mode has a new game mode, that is, the Conquest mode. Any type of vehicle and provided by the new dice, that is, the ATV. This small vehicle is able to carry a small team quickly toward the goal location. In addition to new types of vehicles, players will also find several new models in the tank sekuel Second.

If the Battlefield Bad Company 5 presents the first-class character. Bad Company is now in 2 to 4 course. Ie, Assault, Recon, Engginer, and Medic. Albeit with only 4 classes of characters can be selected only, gamers can still integrate various types of weapons and other war equipment to create a combination of the four character classes .. Besides that, the gamer can upgrade weapons with a range of accessories to enhance the performance of weapons, such as installing binoculars, infra red, grenade launchers, etc.

In Bad Company 2, the enhanced features of destruction and the trailer looks amazing game. Objects ranging from small to large will be destroyed if ditembak and diledakkan. As shown in trailernya, where a radio tower down with realistisnya. Besides, the dice as the developer is also promising in the Bad Company 2 will improve the team AI brains and the enemy, where they will move more realistically take into account the tactics and strategies as well as soldiers in the military.

AI in this game also with a renewed vision in indra reach a certain distance and indra hearing. AI see if anything suspicious or hear a suspicious sound in the surrounding areas, such as gunshot. They will soon move to the high level of vigilance that the major emerging voice.

View from the black paper over the trailer and dipertunjukan, the features presented in the Battlefield Bad Company 2 looks quite promising indeed. But we wait for this game just completed in early 2010. We will see soon ..
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