Friday, June 26, 2009

Commemorating death of Michael Jackson with dancing in Game

The death of Michael Jackson (Jacko) that brought tears to the fans. There are exciting ways to remember the triumph of King of Pop's Music. A flash game will take our fun dancing along with Jacko.

Games with a this, figures show Jacko dancing with a variety of spectacular action, such as robots or style that makes his name moonwalk bounce in the music world.

How to play a fairly simple game, players only need to use the direction arrows on the keyboard. The emphasis in the direction of the arrow keyboard should be adjusted with the direction arrows on the screen. Each emphasis should be between 2 lines that pass the screen, so that the necessary balance of strict enough to win each level.

The emphasis that the key to good balance, will result in slick style of dance that is played Jacko. Consequently, points that players can increase dramatically, so that the swing to move to the next level.

Each game level has a different song, as well as a combination of dance played Jacko. Players interested in playing this game can access them for free. Can be played in addition to authorized site, this game can be played through Facebook or Bebo.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Sims 3 : now, free to explore

The Sims 3 is not only about the life of the sims, the other is no less fun to explore a variety of buildings that exist in The Sims 3.

Among the many new things that are in The Sims 3, there is a change in the most visible. Now the Sims (for a figure in this game) can travel to different places that they want.

Not only on foot, Sims can also use vehicles such as car or bicycle. And players can see each step in its journey Sims around the residence.

This feature has given the experience of playing a far more extensive. Sims 3 can now visit each other to their homes, to shopping mall, even to find a job with a visit to the location of the work is.

Although the graphics are not too beautiful, but the detail of each model should of. Moreover, players do not need a graphics card on board to enjoy this game. detikINET try to play in a notebook provided with a graphics card Nvidia Geforce 9600M and the result is perfect.

Free do

EA developers as The Sims series is to give players the freedom of the very large creatures to control their characters. For example, in the earlier series, players will not be able to do much when Sims went to school or work. Now players can control what the Sims at work.

Although not directly control, players can control efforts, such as what to do Sims when working. Ranging from casual, work hard, or even set up a meeting with a friend on the sidelines of the work.

Some actions also have additional options. For example, during sleep, players can let Sims go back to sleep or sleeping according fresh Sims in nature - could be longer or faster than the time needed.

Other example is when fishing. Sims can be assigned for fishing without a time limit, to get 5 fish, or fishing, to increase the level of expertise.

Overall, EA has been meticulous change The Sims 3 be a simulation game that will increasingly be the fans. The changes brought a fresh wind in the entire series of The Sims.

But some things are still up in the game, for example, when visiting a restaurant. The Sims 2 at the restaurant to be visited to it, players can order what the menu of interest. Now it can not be done, if you want to see Sims eating, players must be told to eat at an outdoor restaurant area, or eat at home.

However, considering the history of The Sims for this, so can the ability to visit as part of the house will eat it EA are presented, through the expansion pack. The Sims series tradition that emphasizes the expansion pack of additional content or knowledgeable.

Advantages :

  • The world can be explored
  • Graphic a detailed
  • The amazing sound system
  • Many of the activities that can be done

Disadvantages :
  • Not all buildings can be explored
  • By default there is only one city to play, other cities should be downloadable from the site
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Torres will play with Messi in PES 2010

Although the Spain national football team , defeated in the confederation cup 2009, but Fernando Torres does not need long dissolved in grief. Due to Fernando Torres will return "play" in the game belong to Konami PES 2010.

Face Spain national team striker, Fernando Torres, will decorate the video game Pro Evoloution Soccer (PES) 2,010. This is because Konami PES as a producer, has an agreement with torres.

Liverpool striker, will duet with the Barcelona players, Lionel Messi, who first hired Konami. Yes, both are expected to trigger demand Konami PES 2010 which will be launched soon.

"Everyone knows in football event simulation, Konami's PES series is the most realistic. This latest Games truly interesting and I have been waiting to see myself in action PES 2010," Torres said to the MCV, Thursday (25/6/2009).

leader of PES European team, Jon Murphy explain that the use of Torres, because the man has blonde blossom into a modern striker who is able to demonstrate speed, skill and vision in the field. And, this is the third element in accordance with an important part in the game, PES 2010.

Konami also reveal some new ability to PES 2010. Combination bait and run without the ball will be key to penetrate the opponent defense, said goals will also increasingly difficult.

Vendor game is from Japan, have also been successfully achieved both the license official Champions League competition and Europe League (the previous UEFA Cup). Obviously, PES 2010 will further claimed realistic rather PES series before.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tekken 6 Present with New Weapon

Tekken fighter ready to return to the arena with additional new weapons. Game titled Tekken 6 is planned to be thrown to the market to the console for Xbox 360 and PS3.

As quoted from Gamespot, Tuesday (23/6/2009), the new weapon is called "Wireless Hori Fight Stick." This tool will be sold with the game is worth U.S. $ 149.99. In addition will also include a bonus that other, in the form of an art-book Tekken.

This game will be introduced for two types of pre-order. First, a wireless packet with the stick, and the second package is a game with no additional cost.

Namco Bandai, publisher of the game as this is now more open. They even dare to target that Tekken 6 will have been ready to enter the battle arena in the upcoming October 27. However, the North American market for the first, while for the region Europe, Japan and other Asian countries have to wait queue. (Ash / ash)
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BLUR with Power Ups

Games are not supported with a deep story, and elements of the simulation, such as that found in the game Need For Speed Undercover and grid. Bizarre-made racing game mode presents a game arcade, with the important element of fun. Where is the challenge not only drive the car quickly to the finish line. But players can use the power ups to deceive the opponent and survive the attack of the opponent.

Games are not supported with a deep story, and elements of the simulation, such as that found in the game Need For Speed Undercover and grid. Bizarre-made racing game mode presents a game arcade, with the important element of fun. Where is the challenge not only drive the car quickly to the finish line. But players can use the power ups to deceive the opponent and survive the attack of the opponent.

As at the time of missile opponents stake out our cars, there will be a blinking icon on the screen the game will let you know that the car has been in the drill by a missile shoot in the opposite car. See a sign that, then you can immediately change the existing power ups with the protective power ups that can repel rocket.

Jogging is also designed in such a way is provided with the world forget that fact. The location where taken, from the Los Angelos, San Francisco, United Kingdom, Barcelona, to the mountains of California with the design of the track muddy and dusty. Vary the trajectory is presented, as well as the car in this game. Until now this has been estimated to have about 70 cars that have been licensed, including mustangs, Camaro SS, Dodge Viper GTS, BMW, Shelby Cobras, Corvettes, Nismo 350 Z, and so on.

To blur this game seems to be quite fun and for maniac Crazy Kart, game can be a blur altenatif exercises at home. Fun racing game that is scheduled for Xbox360 and Playstation3 console this is the release this in 2009.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

EA provided Game Details NFS: SHIFT

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) has been leaking a few details about the system in the game Need For Speed (NFS) SHIFT. In the latest series of NFS, the EA reveals that the personality of the characters in the game drivers will impact directly on the game.

In NFS SHIFT players will get a driver profile that the system can determine the game. The system created a profile that EA is a development of that used in a series of NFS.

There are 4 components that will determine the profile of the drivers are, among others:

1. Personality: the drivers driving style will determine the ability of the driver, whether it is aggressive or type a terrific director.

2. Success: The success is to become a winner in every race that passed.

3. Profile Points: Some of the points will be as successful when the vehicle exceeds the other or through hairpin bend smoothly.

4. Badges: The icon that indicates a personality or achievement that has been achieved by players.

"New features in NFS SHIFT, will give full freedom to the system to determine the game" said Patrick Soderlund, Senior Vice President of EA Games Europe, through a written description of the cited detikINET Thursday, (18/6/2009). (Eno / fyk)
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MotoGP 09/10 Ready to launch

Not to be over 2009 MotoGP calendar, the race champion in the race next year have made presence in the area of the game. Capcom, the license holder of the exclusive games that MotoGP has set up the features of the present.

Capcom hopes since the early preparation, the company can rival the official start of the MotoGP will be held in the same month.

This is only fair, because the business that is profitable because it can maintain the momentum that ultimately could increase consumer willingness to buy the game.

Developed by monumental Games, Moto GP 09/10 akan provided only for the console Xbox 360 and Playstation3. A number of new features that carried, among others, will gamers be able to manage crew and their staff to be more solid to win the competition.

Even so, for the names of the drivers and the team which took part are still not yet finished. The data are still awaiting the official organization of the motor racing shelter to comply with authorized data. For, it is possible transfer occurred between the drivers.

One thing which is the mainstay this game, according to Capcom MotoGP is 09/10 will be made in the online version. So that the gamer from various corners of the world can compete to become a racer terhandal. (Ash / faw)

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