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Newest Cave Present paper on Xbox 360

veteran of the game should have a company called Toaplan. In the period 1984-1994, they actively create 2D shooting game for the arcade machine. Of them is the famous Tiger Heli, Tatsujin, Zero Wing, Vimana, and Batsugun.

After the company disbanded, some employees formed a new company called Cave, who forward the tradition of creating 2D shooting game. Thus was born from the popular serial Donpachi, ESPrade, to Mushihime. In the era dominated by bergrafis 3D game, the Cave is able to exist.

Two years ago, Cave released Death Smiles, more and more a game engine for 2D shooting arcade. The most interesting of this game is character design protagonis, consisting of young girls dressed in gothic-lolita style. Who walk to Shibuya, or at least had the cos-play events, see the style of fashion such as this.

This game is quite successful, so this year make sekuelnya Cave, Death Smiles II, the arcade machine, and re-released version of the making of the first series for the Xbox 360 machine. This way, the public outside of Japan who find it difficult arcadenya engine can exclaim him to try this game.

Death Smiles do not rely solely on character design protagonis. Games offers a game system that is not too generic. Characters move in the right direction. But, sometimes there are attacks from the left, is overcome with a shot to the left (with a separate button). Characters are also being accompanied by the assistant who can participate in attack.

Every time the characters get the item, it would fill Item Counter. Once fully charged, the character can deliver a more formidable attack. If exposed to this attack, the enemies will drop more items. Oh yes, the characters also have a lock-on attack, the automatic zero in a certain enemy.

The game characters protagonis this is Windia, Follet, Casper, and Rosa, each element has a pattern of attacks and stroke apart. But, because the game version of this Xbox 360 version upgrade adapt Death Smiles: Mega Black Label released a year ago, also added a new character Sakura, who is the boss in the original Stage B-2. Players can also menjajal new stage called Crystal Shrine and the new difficulty level called Level 999.

Xbox 360 version uses the four buttons. The four key techniques can be used to lock-on attack, in the arcade version is done by pressing two buttons at the same attack. If you have access to the internet, players can also play online with players from other parts of the world.

Death Smiles reinforces the position of the Xbox 360 as the mainstay of the engine fan 2D shooting genre.

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Being kapellmeister with Virtual Baton

Another unique game engine comes to Wii. Table title game in March Maji (United States: Major Minor's Majestic March), the players act as dirijen a marching band. Um, perhaps more appropriately referred to as someone who wants to be kapellmeister. Protagonis this character is a mammal ala fable is a descendant of the famous kapellmeister.

Throughout the game, he plays a stick to lead the troops. Movement must be well in time with the music played. In addition to following the rhythm, movement of rod can be used to refer to items on the screen or the characters can be recruited into the army.

There are dozens of characters with a musical instrument each of which can be joined. The more involved, will be more beautiful music. But the consequences, the kapellmeister also must move the stick properly. If the disorderly movement stick, one by one member will leave the army. At every appearance, there will be assessment of the amount of the remaining members.

To make the kapellmeister stick, players have to move the Wii Remote. There are three things that must be observed by players, the rhythm of music, items and prospective members on the screen, and voice guidance via the Wii Remote speaker.

Table Games Maji March this seems designed to be played by children. But, the veterans can still enjoy them. The veteran may be familiar with the feel of this game. Not surprisingly, because this game is made by illustrator Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenblat. More than a decade back, they created the game Parappa Rappa, then start the game musical genres.

Unfortunately, this game has a fundamental weakness. Wii Remote is difficult to accurately driven. Either size is less good, or the Wii Remote sensitivity is limited. Fortunately, this game can be fixed easily. Players can enjoy the beautiful music and a unique graphical feel. (ray)

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Monster Hunting in the Wii

In March 2004, Capcom released Monster Hunter game for the PlayStation2 machines. Glance, this game seems like an ordinary action game, where the main character adventure hunt different types of monster, which form most of the giant reptiles. But, the main value of selling this game is its online facilities.

Originally, this game takes place offline. Players create characters with different kustomisasinya, such as gender and physical form. After that, players can also recruit various characters in the mission available offline, as applied by serial Phantasy Star Online Sega property.

There are three types of missions, the monster hunt, finding a particular item, or catch the monster. Item monster catch and take home to the village. There can be used to create various combat equipment, and also that there can be sold. Thus, over time, characters will be strong and have a combat device that the better. All that is needed to explore the area more difficult.

If the machine connects to its PlayStation2 to the internet, players can play together with people from other parts of the world. This online feature to enter the server starts with Capcom, which is also used to operate the game Bio Hazard Outbreak. In the lobby, players meet with the other players, and form a small army of up to four characters. After that, they go to various areas that are only available online.

Game system is approximately the same as the offline game alone. But, the monster of the group more and more easily enables the application of the various combat strategies. Type monster in the online version is more variety, as well as itemnya. Server also provides a special mission which appears every weekend.

Although when the online facility for home-machine system has not been so popular, Monster Hunter be regarded quite successful. In January 2005, Capcom released a version ekspansinya to the same machine, which is given the title Monster Hunter G. In this version offered a lot more monster types and items. And not long, the game was made to re-engine Wii.

The presence of Monster Hunter G for the Wii machine is a significant milestone for this serial. At this time, with online games is quite a lot, either in form of features to play with or simply transfer data to and from the server. Compared to Xbox 360 or Playstation3, Wii machine is a bit less for exploring this online facility. But this is good, because like the Monster Hunter G akan more prominent, not consumed by another game in the same machine.

Be pitied that is less that Capcom Wii exploit the advantages of the unique control system. Will be more exciting if a combination of Wii Remote and Nunchaku the field that can not be done by the regular controller. In fact, there are packages that contain this game controller with a standard printing exclusive Monster Hunter G.

Overview of Serial Monster Hunter

Number of Series Monster Hunter that have been released far fewer than, say, Phantasy Star Online series. As mentioned in the article on the side, making Capcom Monster Hunter G as an expansion version of the first series. In addition to engine PlayStation2 and Wii, this game also have been present for the PSP portable machine.

Indeed, the new Sekuel present in February 2006. Games Monster Hunter 2 is made for PlayStation2 and PSP machines. PSP owners and there is also an exclusive version of the expansion is called Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

Popularity of this series encourage popular mangaka Hiro Mashima create manganya version. So, since the days of May 2008, the fans can enjoy the manga Monster Hunter Orage a style similar to the picture Rave and Fairy Tail. Manga has been outstanding four-volume tankoubon.

At this time, Capcom are preparing game Monster Hunter 3. Initially, this game is for the engine Playstation3, but then transferred to the Wii. In Monster Hunter G game Wii version, players can try the demo version.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Stand on the stage, resplendent in light and bathe before enthusiastic audiences who listen to music that is played is the ideal candidate musicians. However, the stage is a respectable turn of a hand. The road that must pass sometimes sharp pebble.

Achieve the dream that is the process by Kyoto Animation in K-ON!. Hisako Yamada Director and his team worked hard to change the four panel manga anime format with a duration of half an hour. Reiko Yoshida trusted to write the scenario indicates the capability is very good. Short stories per page can be poured into the story series.

Anime version can be spelled with the faithful manga. Not too many details changed. One of the changes to be made by Yamada is the fourth episode when the main character wanted to buy the guitar. Yoshida improvised quite good, so spectators can penetrate close relationship Keion Club members.

Animasinya also been sweet enough. Yamada uses multiple angle shots that a regular image. So, the story of K-ON! actually tend to feel so light absorbed followed. Rada crisp comedy that I feel is in the hands of the team lebai Yamada.

K-ON! or letters written in hiragana pronunciation with keion paper lifted from the manga Kakifly. Manga is the story of four high school girl who formed the band the first time published on 9 February 2007 in the magazine Manga Time Kirara. A year later, exactly 26 April, the first volume of his tankoubon released. While both volume followed a year later.

Impressions anime version of K-ON! channel in 2 TBS began last April sales figures participated in the manga is. Oricon chart in the period 27 April to 3 May 2009, the volume of K-ON! it sold 26,547 copies. Thus, the K-ON! is a 112,722 copies.


Mangaka: kakifly

Published: 9 February 2007

Publisher: Manga Time Kirara (Houbunsha)

Number of tankoubon: 2 (ongoing)

Live: TBS, 2 April 2009

Production: Kyoto Animation

Director: Hisako Yamada

Scenario: Reiko Yoshida

Character Design: Horiguchi Yukiko

Music: Hyakkoku Hajime
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ancient Japanese Ninja Action

Most of the games that circulate in the engine-home system at this time using 3D graphics. While the number of fans bergrafis 2D game, a veteran of the mayoritasnya is, in fact quite a lot. This means that each 2D game that has outstanding opportunities in demand for knowledgeable sold. This is a niche market exploited by some producers that game sharp.

One of the new product just released is Oboro Muramasa. This game is made by independent developer Vanillaware, which two years ago the birth action 2D game Odin Sphere sensational. Both games use the same concept, namely the adventure with the background style of a beautiful tale, with a simple game system but adiktif, and with the additional character development system ala RPG genre.

If Odin Sphere Preview theme Viking legend, Oboro Muramasa has a background time of ancient Japan, which combines antarklan conflict and the emergence of beings mitologis. In the era Genroku, Honshu island occupied by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. SHOGUN is apparently not satisfied with his power, and become involved in seizing a legendary sword that reptilian.

Main figure in this game there are two people, that is a ninja named Kisuke and called a Kunoichi Momohime. Agenda with each, they fall in the grab handle conflict is a legendary sword. Kisuke is an amnesia sufferer who be hunted because it is not able to remember. While Momohime as mastered by the adventurous spirit of an expert sword ambitious.

Oboro Muramasa engine comes to Wii, and is the first project Vanillaware for this machine. Compared Odin Sphere using technology PlayStation2, this game show the graphics that are not less beautiful, but without having to wait every time the loading move area. This game also provides the option to play with the Wii Remote and Nunchaku, although most of the players may be more comfortable with the Classic controller or gamecube controller.

Kisuke characters or Momohime battle facing the enemy, bersenjatakan katana for offensive and defensive. They can jump high, roll, repel the enemy attack, or even reflect projectile. Once the road, they bring three katana that can be changed at any time. This is necessary, because if used too often, katana can be damaged and need time to be used again.

Will total more than one hundred katana, which each have a special moment called ougi. Katana collection is divided into two categories, namely Tachi and Odachi. Tachi is the small arms, which cause little damage but can be used quickly. While Odachi more powerful but slow.

Kisuke or Momohime moving from one area to another area. Dots in particular, there is a magic door can be opened only by certain types of katana. They need to get the katana with the way the boss enemy. Oh yes, Kisuke and Momohime have a path of adventure which is very different.

At the beginning of the game, players have two options at a time mode which is a level of difficulty. It's Musou Mode, in which the characters freely cut the enemy to increase the level. There are also Shura Mode, which requires that the characters use to effectively combat techniques. After a complete game, will open new options Shigurui Mode. (Ray)

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Adventure Experts Alkemia sudden

Annie no Atelier: Sera-shima no Renkinjutsushi

In a country, live a girl named Annie Eilenberg. This girl's dream is to become a famous idol. But rather try to realize dreams, he preferred to sit around in bed all day. Of course, her parents worried. They ask for help Annie grandfather, who was a renowned expert alkemia.

The grandfather told two being followers to carry Annie bed, complete with people who are terlelap, to a remote island. On the island is named Sera, Annie must work hard. Accidental, Annie inherited talent alkemia. How he lives now utilize fend for themselves, while building the economy of the community Sera.

That game story Annie no Atelier: Sera Shima no Renkinjutsushi-, which has not been recently released for Nintendo DS portable machine. Can be seen from the title, this game is part of the serial property Gust of Atelier always display the life of the experts alkemia.

Sera on the island, Annie interact with the local residents, offering enough help. Annie not only meramu various objects, he also needs to find raw material. For that, he must adventure to explore all over the island. Along the way, he fight with a variety of monster, which will impose a variety of materials, if defeated.

Of materials, Annie meramu many new things. The result is used as capital for further adventure and find the material better. So on. Oh yes, as usual, as protagonis serial Atelier, Annie can also experiment to find many prescription alkemia new.

Building on the island is a part that is not less interesting. Annie is the center of the studio alkemianya called atelier. From the business, Annie can pay the various public facilities, which he himself can utilize participate. This Annie is also a relationship with people. Some akan them in the adventure.

Annie will not face, for example, the enemy that threatens the safety of the world appear as prevalent in other RPG. He will only work in berkutat. Assisted as the alkemia Pepe and Hans Ahrens in building construction. Players was this game in five years (time in the story), after that Annie must be the challenge as the last expert alkemia.

As is often Atelier series, this game has a number of different ending. See all the ending is not too difficult. For, after a complete game, players can repeat again from the beginning with all the achievements of earlier games. This also means players will be able menjajal all branches of the mission is available. (Ray)

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Revenge of the Prince

Related intrigue that Involve Two Countries

X world, charm, plus support for a certain kind of face-looking character is some formula that promises success. The formula was also applied duo Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino in their paper, 07-Ghost. The result? Of course, satisfying.

Since published in the monthly magazine Zero Sum in 2005, the popularity of 07-Ghost continues to climb. Peak in December last year, the volume of the seven 07-Ghost entry in the 25 most in demand manga in Japan.

Amemiya and Ichihara process with their ideas very well. The story is quite complex. They take advantage of intrigue involving the two countries to build the tension. Through the glasses of the intrigue of the victim, a hapless prince who intend to lose memory and revenge on the parties be happiness to him, invited readers analyze the thread is knotted 07-Ghost.

Given that the target is 07-Ghost of a girl, do not forget mangaka duo interlard story with some action scenes that involve magic. The contents are made proportional to the feel of the drama that shows the development of each character.

Often reap the popularity of manga, 07-Ghost converted into anime. Start 6 April 2009, began ditanyangkan story. Beginning Chiba TV, Channel 12 television show join other anime production Studio Deen is.

Staff in the chairs, sitting practitioners who are well known name in the Japanese anime industry. A course Takamoto Nobuhiro (Tenchi in Tokyo, Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love ~), which served as a director. Then, there Natsuko Takahashi (Antique Bakery, Moyashimon) who manage skenarionya. Maki Fujii known through Kannazuki no Miko and Hakushaku to Yousei appointed character designer. For the music business, Studio Deen Nakagawa Koutaro commit to that create Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion and Gun x Sword.

Seiyuu involved in 07-hour Ghost has already flying high in the anime world. Saiga Mitsuki just say that portray Teito Klein Suwabe Junichi and the Frau. Besides them, there Hayami shou (as Ayanami), Fukuyama Jun (Hakuren Oak), Nakai kazuya (Katsuragi), Mamiko Noto (Sister Rosary), and Namikawa Daisuke (Mikage).

Until this paper revealed, anime 07-Ghost has shown as many as three episodes. Director Takamoto the imagination Amemiya and Ichihara relatively well, although the animation is not too special. Some of the scenes with CGI disisipi. For example, the scene Teito that fall from the sky while in hawkzile. (ran)



Yuki Amemiya, Ichihara Yukino

Published: November 2005

Publisher: Zero Sum

Number of tankoubon: 7 (ongoing)

Production: Studio Deen

Live: Chiba TV, 6 April 2009

Number of episodes:

Episode 3 (ongoing)

Director: Takamoto Nobuhiro

Character Design: Maki Fujii

Scenario: Natsuko Takahashi

Music: Nakagawa Koutaro

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