Saturday, May 30, 2009

GAME : Growlanser

Portable game machine has become a regular event recycling old game that was present in the home machine system. But, it feels like this is fate in the engine PSP. Compared to Nintendo DS, PSP more often get quota version of recycling, while the Nintendo DS to get the original game a long time.

This is not a bad thing. Audio-visual technology PSP roughly equivalent to the PlayStation2 machines, so this machine is the most appropriate vehicle to bring back game psone and PlayStation2. Moreover, the potential gaming market is big enough recycling, there will always be those who have not tried to game time, or simply want to Nostalgia.

This has not been long, a PSP game coming back recycling. Titled Growlanser game ever released for this engine psone in 1999. In general, the story and game system Atlus-made RPG is not special. But, thanks to the popularity of Growlanser achieve two main kru, the character designer Satoshi Urushihara and composers Noriyuki Iwadare.

This game is quite successful, to make a number of Atlus sequel. The latter is Growlanser VI: Precarious World, the engine comes to PlayStation2 in 2007. For the fans of this series it's the first series, Atlus is now an opportunity to play in the portable version.

Growlanser story of a teenager in the range Carmaine called (with typical bishounen designs Urushihara-sensei). Rolandia in the country, he lived as a foster child Sandra, witch palace. One day, Sandra got prekognisi (vision of the future) so that Carmaine akan crusher savior of the world or the world. Therefore, he told Carmaine wander away, accompanied a homunculus (being made) pretty called Tippy.

In Rolandia, air covered by the mysterious energy called Growth. This has caused some people to become Growsian, men of the engineering magic. Louise, Carmaine women younger brother, is one of the Growsian this. In addition, there is also a race of winged humans living separated from ordinary human society. In the past, the second race of this never seems to work together to save the world.

Game system in this game called Real-Time Mission Clear. The concept of the system is a mix of instruction, time charging, attack interactive timing in particular, and also sometimes present troops of the team assisting protagonis and antagonis. This game preceded by an opening song that brought by Rukan Aru. And after finishing, the disuguhi closing song by Ayumi Ootsu.

Atlus makes some changes when the move to this game psone PSP version. Because the PSP screen dimensions wider, drawing them back each scene. Rather than simply extend the image horizontally. This portable version is also showing two new characters, including a girl named Amelie, and someone from the race of winged men called Melfie. Both bring a new scenario, which extended the duration of the game.

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Innovative Strategy Games for the Wii

Wii engine, the controller is indeed a very fertile field for innovation video game. From time to time, always appear with a new game to play that have not been done before. This time, turn genre RTS (real-time strategy) Wii's unique taste, stroke through the game of Magic.

Number of RTS gaming machines in Japan's home-system are very small, not like in the PC engine America and Europe. Perhaps because the fans in the game eastern hemisphere more like a game that focuses more on strategy rather than the dexterity of control. Lack of RTS in Japan also caused every RTS game made in Japan immediately attract attention. Moreover, the design style of anime characters, which for some people more than good design realistic game world west.

Back to the stroke of Magic, this game is not simply RTS with Japanese anime style character design. This game has a system of presenting a unique point, namely the screen to give instructions to the troops, and drawing a symbol for the attack.

One of the reasons for the lack of RTS engine home-control system because the engine is not as free to use the PC mouse and keyboard. Magic stroke of the gap is. With the Wii Remote and the Nunchaku, a complex instruction can be done quickly. Players need only a short time to familiarize themselves.

In this game there is no sword, arrow, or other conventional weapons. All kinds of offensive & defensive game in this form of magic. And the magic is released to the way drawing certain shapes. Thus, the smooth action with a drawing on the screen with the Wii Remote. Who ever play game Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth (Castlevania: Portrait of ruin) for the Nintendo DS portable machine is familiar with this method.

Magic in the game is divided into four elements, namely air, land, water, and fire. Each element has a number of pictures. Along the way the game, players will be able to integrate more than one technique for removing the technical wizardry that even more awesome. How to draw the forms of, respectively. Later there will be more than one hundred types of engineering wizardry, of the various characters, including the secret characters.

Although distributed by Nintendo, in fact stroke game of Magic is done by Taito. Two years ago, Taito released game Lost Magic for Nintendo DS machines. This portable game is the same concept, the system representation lambing.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Game : Drift city online

An online game that participated in the race theme brisk online game market in Indonesia. Online game called Drift City is shipped by PT. Playon Interactive Indonesia. If compared with the racing game Crazy Kart Lyto of games that offer a humorous and fun, Drift City is giving the race serious and stimulate adrenalin PLAYERS.

Drift in the City, the game offers a combination of racing gameplay with RPG elements that make the players stand in front of the monitor screen. As with offline PC games, Test Drive Unlimited,. in this game players will be able to move freely in an island of the Open-Ended named Mittron Island. Thus, players can freely choose to complete the Quest story this game or complete side missions. In addition, gamers can also compete in the Battle Zone. In the Battle Zone this mode, gamers can compete with other players if alias PvP in MMORPG games.

On the island there are four cities that can be explored with each station has four cities that have been adjusted to the level of players. At each station there will be five options can be selected, ie, Option Mission, Service Delivery, Battle Zone, Fill Mittron And Driver Dome. This game provides some of the folder can be opened one by one with the quest and complete the mission are available, the Mission is available on the game is tolerable varies. Like take the package, can not drive a car crash, patrol, and so forth. If the player successfully completing a well, the players will get the Mito is the currency in this game and can also collect some medals.

Drivers for Dome is the gathering place of the game is. Players can visit some interesting places, such as the Auction House, Dealership, Parts Shop, Crew Center, and Battle Zone. At the Auction House, or referred to the public sale, where players can find the desired item. At the Dealership, players can explore a new car that is ready to be purchased. Then the Crew Center, players can recruit new crew, and set the Crew already have. While in the Parts Shop, players can buy new Parts for the car. And in the Garage, players can modify cars that have been purchased.

Like other racing game that offers the features of Nitro. Well in this game called Booster. For this feature Booster akan encourage speed when the car left behind by our opponents. Now to fill the tube Booster, players can perform Combo Skills. In addition there is also an interesting challenge, that is, the HUV. Because if successful win, players can get the Parts, from the Ordinary to the type of which is very rare.

Graphics in game Drift City is presented with a 3D anime style cell shading. Similarly, the car and the environment to the game with NPC characters, described with the typical anime. For music, this game presents a lot of variations of music and a more interesting, players can also enter a favorite song to Mp3 in this game. Control system offered by the car is quite simple, ie, the key 4-way arrow for direction of movement of the car and the shift key to Drifting and ctrl key to booster. Interested in this racing game? So ... while we wait Drift City Online has entered the Open Beta phase.

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